Pushing The Gay Agenda In Hip Hop

When I’m ready to get extensive with it, trust that I will. Lord Jamar’s frustrated with the state of hip hop, and he’s entitled to be. He has a right to voice his opinions and people are, consequently, equally entitled to agree or disagree with what he says. I’m not going to get into the politics of white rappers in hip hop in this post, but what I will get into is the so-called feminisation of black men in hip hop, without the need to go on a tangent about it.

Let me start by saying, that it’s one thing to have rappers like Le1f, Zebra Katz or Mykki Blanco do what they do. These guys are rappers who happen to have a sexual preference, and who happen to live a certain lifestyle, which you don’t have to scrutinise, because it’s none of your business.  But it’s a whole OTHER dynamic when you have Kanye, A$AP Rocky, Pusha T and whomever else in a skirt rapping about their disrespect towards women, a gay person and engage in other hypermasculine stereotypes that have come to define hip hop, but yet, still try to be cool and gain acceptance from the gay community. It’s like, so which side are you really on?

I will vouch for a gay rapper any damn day of the week. You know why? Because when it comes to the former,  we have heard the stories one too many times. How many macho rappers talk about fucking chicks when they really mean dicks?

If Le1f shines light on shit that gets swept under the rug, the only agenda being pushed, in his case, is that of truth.

Has it not occurred to anyone that even though oversized clothing was big in hip hop during the 90s, the message is still pretty much the same regardless to the dresses and skirts that rappers are wearing now? If anything, the message has gotten even more misogynistic.

When I first saw this video, I was shocked – extremely shocked. But more so because these guys are teenagers. Precious little boys who have become mentally polluted by some type of harsh reality that none of us can fathom. You don’t know what these kids have been through, but it’s so obvious, that Uncle JJ or cousin TT would come into their rooms, probably while playing NWA or DMX, and do only lord knows what.

Pick your battles.

Pushing The Gay Agenda In Hip Hop

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